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    About Food Theatre

    Previously, a special evening out would involve making a choice between a spectacular meal, or a night at the theatre. Perhaps it is time to combine the two…

    Let our chefs work their magic, and be prepared to hear oohs and aahs from your diners. And that is before they have taken a bite…

    Molecular gastronomy is our innovation onto the Kosher dining table. New technology has revolutionised our everyday lives, and food science is doing the same for catering. Arising from the fusion of food science with culinary arts, molecular gastronomy is a gourmet trend whose artisans embrace innovation in order to create dishes that are truly multi-sensorial experiences. Exotic flavours, dazzling colours, bubbles, smoke and more, help create a truly unforgettable experience.

    Always innovating, never settling for ‘the usual’, our chefs’ stunning food theatre fully demonstrates the synthesis between creative flair and graceful style.

    Enjoy the show…

  • Sushi Sandwhich

  • Lemon Tarts

  • Strawberries, Rose water pipettes, Basil kiss

  • Molecular Cocktail Shots

  • Sticky Toffee Pudding